It’s cold outside. Properly cold. I still managed to go out with my Hasselblad and take a few photos of the frozen fog that clings to every single tree branch, making the entire world look like a sugar sprinkled dream land. more


It’s December 23rd. It’s my mum’s birthday and the last night before Christmas Eve.  more


It’s no secret that I like to shoot film. It’s not that I scoff at digital, on the contrary. I actually started on a digital camera and then, much like a crab, moved backwards until I ended up using film more


Just a quick note to let you know more


I’ve recently bought a few extension tubes for my Hasselblad off a good friend, Carl.  more

On our first few days we concentrated on the usual tourist things to do on summer holiday in a South European country. more

When we were planning the rest of our summer holiday I told Marco straight away that we’d have to factor in some quality beach time. more


Every year it is the same. Temperatures drop, clouds come in, wellies are worn more often than not, the smell of cinnamon wafts out of my kitchen and the darkness sets in. more


Last month I went to the National Wedding Show in Birmingham where I happened upon this stall filled with cupcakes looking so extraordinarily beautiful and lovingly prepared I simply could not walk past it. more

You know what’s the best thing about a wedding in Switzerland? It’s only a 4 hour drive over the stunning Simplon pass to the Italian lakes. more