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Looking Up

I wish I’d have shares in Adobe because I love Lightroom so much I’d make a fortune if I pimped them out some more.
Here is a somewhat underexposed shot I took of my own eyes the other day (don’t ask) with the white balance all off…

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Mountain meadow

Tuna Cans and Daydreams

It’s summer today. Properly warm and sunny. With a forecast of rain, rain and rain ahead I spent my morning careering down steep hills and called it a “trail run”…

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Susanne & Florian

In early June I got a call from Florian, an old school friend of my brother’s.
“I don’t know if you heard but Susanne and I are getting married this year. We’ve been looking for photographers but couldn’t really find anyone we liked. We love your photos…

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Summer Days

Looking out my window I can see the trees in front of the house shaking and bending, leaves that are still green flying off in all directions as the rain hits the roof opposite in a strange sideways direction…

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