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Lakes, Italian Style

You know what’s the best thing about a wedding in Switzerland? It’s only a 4 hour drive over the stunning Simplon pass to the Italian lakes.

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Five, Ten, Fifteen, Forty, Forty-Five, Fifty (MP)

Hasselblad has just announced another digital back for the V-system cameras.

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"Do you have any liquids in that bag?"

Hand luggage restrictions. Did anyone just cringe? And then sigh? If so, then you probably flew once or twice in recent years.

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Debra & Ross

I turned around. Behind me I saw tourists in colourful windbreakers and technical gear three rows deep, some confused, some curious with a camera at the ready and most with…

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Chalet With A View

On the days leading up to Debra and Ross’wedding Marco and I stayed with them in their beautiful chalet right in the middle of Zermatt.

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Oh So Exciting

It happened on Wednesday.

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