Monthly Archives: October 2010

Lakes, Italian Style


You know what’s the best thing about a wedding in Switzerland? It’s only a 4 hour drive over the stunning Simplon pass to the Italian lakes. Which meant an ideal start for our summer holiday as we lounged about Lake Como for a couple of days. Ice-cream in one hand, camera in the other we...


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Five, Ten, Fifteen, Forty, Forty-Five, Fifty (MP)


Hasselblad has just announced another digital back for the V-system cameras. Bigger, of course. 50 megapixels to be exact. That’s twice the size of a full-frame 35mm DSLR, according to Hasselblad. Am I excited about this? Oh yes! Would I want one? Uh, yeah. Would I ever buy one myself? No. The reasons for this...


“Do you have any liquids in that bag?”


Hand luggage restrictions. Did anyone just cringe? And then sigh? If so, then you probably flew once or twice in recent years. And maybe, like me, gradually changed your habits of what to drag around with you in your hand luggage. Gone are the days where I packed a bottle of water, some fruit, a...


Debra & Ross


I turned around. Behind me I saw tourists in colourful windbreakers and technical gear three rows deep, some confused, some curious with a camera at the ready and most with a gentle smile on their faces. The same smile was on my face as I turned back to look at my friends who sat at...


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Chalet With A View


On the days leading up to Debra and Ross’wedding Marco and I stayed with them in their beautiful chalet right in the middle of Zermatt. Not only did this come with a pretty sweet Matterhorn view, it also had two bathrooms! A little over-enthusiastically I had brought my running shoes along. As the happy couple...