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Apparently going from a balmy 20 degrees with burning sun to 7 degrees (“feels like -1”) with gale force winds and rain that’s lashing sideways against your windows is somewhat draining on your immune system. It’s all my fault as it was only Sunday when I smugly told Marco how excited I am to put on sunscreen to go to work. So today I opted to stay in all day and think healthy thoughts. See above. I don’t have any oranges right now but instead ate an entire red pepper for lunch. They are supposed to have lots of vitamin C, right?

In other news these are my favourite inside related things & things right now:

– My Eva Solo water carafe I got for Christmas from my brother and his fiancee. I drink a lot of water and so I drag it everywhere. The pink neoprene cover may be intended to be decorative or even as a thermostatic sleeve, in my case it is purely for damage control and the sole reason this jug is still alive. They also got me a self watering flower pot and I am now a huge fan of the entire collection.

– I am and always will be a “huge” fan of this blog.

– I am also a fan of Zack Arias. Whose name I pronounce wrong all the time. These youtube videos on photography website critiques are how I first got to know him. If you are just building or thinking of improving your online photo portfolio this advice is pure gold.

– Recently I’ve read two books that made me cry. Yes, that is correct. I cried whilst reading a book. And not just once. They were that good! And I highly recommend them to everyone. One is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, a book almost everyone has read lately. Apart from me. The only thing I found a little irking was the use of German language in not exactly the right context or form. Then again, this may just be me being super German about it. Other than that it was so good that it made me cry and not because of horrific grammar. The other one is John Grisham’s latest book The Confession. Yes, I cried over a John Grisham novel. So what. I do like a good Grisham and this one deals with the death penalty, a topic that somehow always gets me emotional.


I don’t recommend crying over books, at least not if you read them in bed like me. Pillows will be soaked and your eyes will be red and puffy in the morning. On the other hand that might be better than crying over a book in public? I’ve now moved on to a less sad book and that is what I will return to now – thinking healthy thoughts and all!



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Danke für den Link. Die Fotos von Zack Arias sind genial. Schade, dass der Workshop so weit weg ist, klingt verlockend.

Wegen Bücher (und Filme) habe ich auch schon geweint – das ist doch das beste, wenn sie auf diese Weise berühren.Dann sind sie beim Leser/Zuschauer angekommen.

Viele Grüße


Crying at books on the train – theres a good look! I think it might of actually been the book thief that had me doing that last!


Kristin – nächstes Wochenende gibt es bei Creative Live einen Workshop von Zack Arias der live gestreamt wird. Wenn du da Zeit hast kann ich das nur empfehlen. Guck hier:

Caroline – depending on the train you’re on no one might notice. Which makes it even more sad.


So schade, ich habe gelesen (bzw. ich glaube gelesen zu haben, mein Englisch ist nicht das Beste), dass es das einzige Wochenende in diesem Jahr ist, an dem er den Kurs hält. Wir sind nächste Woche an der Ostsee, Kurzurlaub und am Samstag fahren wir den ganzen Tag zurück. Der Kurs wäre sehr, sehr interessant für mich gewesen.:(
Danke für den Tipp.


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