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I have been incredibly busy with work the past four weeks and have spent most of my days being holed up inside. In between I had some welcome breaks of shooting a few weddings outside but it still took me by surprise when suddenly the weather decided it was summer. It’s 23 degrees and I have a tan. Plus a few more light freckles on my nose. With Easter coming up  this is especially unbelievable for me as I have spent my childhood hunting for eggs in the soggy and freezing garden. When we’d reached a point where it got too frustrating to stomp around in puddles and rescue half dissolved chocolates from hungry crows my mum simply started hiding the eggs in our living room. Only to forget about how many and where she hid them which resulted in a few unexpected treats when dusting the bookshelves months later. Two years ago it even snowed on Easter Monday.

This year I intend to put on sunscreen, bare some of my legs to the general public and do lots of nothing whilst enjoying the summer. I mean Easter weekend. Whatever it is I am happy that the sun is shining. Enjoy the weekend!

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it’s summer here too and i also have a tan. my freckles are perplexed at having been woken up so early! have a brilliant weekend.


Thanks Charlotte, you too!
Are you terrified of the royal wedding day in London yet?


Ich kann mich an ein Foto meiner Tochter erinnern, da war sie noch ziemlich winzig, da hatten wir Ostern schon einmal so schönes Wetter. Aber die letzten Jahre … Wie herrlich, dass es in diesem Jahr anders ist.

Ich wünsche dir schöne Ostertage!


Ranunkeln sind meine Lieblingsblumen :) Ich kann mich an ein paar wenige schöne Ostern erinnern, unter anderem das, an dem ich auch Geburtstag hatte. Das ist glaub ich in 29 Jahren bisher 2 Mal passiert oder so. Allerdings sind wir in den letzten Jahren Ostern meistens in Grömitz gewesen und da dann auch am Strand. Jetzt nicht im Bikini oder so, aber immerhin im Sonnenschein. Ich glaube also, Du siehst das zu pessimistisch :D

Wunderbare Ostertage wünsch ich Dir!


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