Monthly Archives: May 2011

Don’t tell me… new haircut?


Look everyone! It’s a new blog! Well, a new layout anyway. For once my obsessive “must have now”-attitude worked in my favour. I had been thinking about re-designing my blog for a while now but wasn’t quite sure if I could achieve what I wanted. On Sunday I suddenly decided it’s time to do something...


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Things & Things


These are exciting times. Especially Wednesday nights to be more specific. Yes, I am talking about the new series of The Apprentice UK. This show just makes me so happy it’s the highlight of my televisional year. Then again, I don’t watch much TV and this show clearly is 283675 times better than My Big...


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Dancing In The Living Room


A week ago it was my dad’s birthday. I wanted to use this opportunity to show you my favourite photo of the two of us. It’s us dancing in the living room. Back when I was small enough for someone to pick me up my dad would hold me in his arms and sway across...


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Rachel & Christian, A Wedding at Packington Moor


As I stood in my bathroom that morning, feeling slightly nervous and too excited to eat as usual before a wedding, I still couldn’t believe that life could be this good. The simple act of applying sunscreen before going to work made me happy. When I got to Packington Moor in Lichfield for Rachel and...


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Jordanne’s Prom, Arden School Solihull


I was never a girly girl. I don’t buy a new pair of high heeled shoes every week and I don’t go to manicure dates with my girlfriends. But I do love dresses. And good hair. Jordanne’s prom last week had both. Oh the dresses! It was hard not to get envious at crinkly satin...


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