Up The Hill

When I open my eyes in the morning the first thing I do is estimate the brightness. This helps to establish whether I should really get up (very bright) or have a little more time to snooze (not that bright). But mostly it helps to find out if it’s going to be a good day. If the sun is pouring in through the curtains, painting patterns on the ceiling and working as an amplifier for the sounds of life outside it will be a great day no matter what else is happening. It’s the same feeling I had as a child when I woke up on summer mornings and couldn’t wait to see what the day was going to be like. It’s a promise of naked toes in the grass and ice cream out of a waffle cone that makes me get out of bed fast as lightning.

On Easter Monday I didn’t get to stick my toes in the grass but I certainly had my fair share of ice cream. After shooting a wedding on Saturday and doing absolutely nothing on Sunday the plan was to go out for our first Hill Climb race of the year. This is something Marco and I adopted as good common ground when it comes to outdoor activities – Marco gets to stare at cars all day and I get to stare at people staring at cars all day. Love it. The Easter weekend is traditionally spend with our good friend Steve at Loton Park. This year must have been the nicest one so far. Steve brought three folding deck chairs, the sun brought lots more freckles and the two giant portions of ice cream I had brought mostly happiness. And the urgent need for more exercise but that’s for a different day.


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