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These are exciting times. Especially Wednesday nights to be more specific. Yes, I am talking about the new series of The Apprentice UK. This show just makes me so happy it’s the highlight of my televisional year. Then again, I don’t watch much TV and this show clearly is 283675 times better than My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (which I totally enjoyed, of course). So, does anyone have any favourites amongst the candidates? I like quite a lot of them but may have to wait until next weeks dog task to better single out loves/hates.

Other than pointing and shouting at the TV for an hour each week these are my highlights of the last few days:

– As you can see above the weather had been good enough for me to finally dig those toes into some grass. Now it’s gone all Spring showers out there again though, so I’ll stop typing before this becomes a lowlight rather than a highlight.

– I have changed my bed linens this afternoon and with a good book sitting on my night table I had a very hard time stepping away from all that fresh, soft and comfy goodness. There is nothing better than sinking down into fresh bed linen and reading for hours and I’ve just made myself wanting to go to bed at 8pm.

– A lot of my time on the computer is spent reading blogs. A lot. Here are three that I always enjoy, not just this week:

  • Mocking Bird from the wonderful Amanda, an Aussie girl who immigrated to Canada for her man. If I didn’t love Vancouver so much I’d call her crazy to leave behind that sunny climate!
  • Hey Ann McGarry from my awesome friend Annie. Not only does she have the best first name she is also a master of the Polaroid. Honestly. Annie + Spectra = Oh Yes.
  • Nectar & Light from the amazing Jen Altman. I had the pleasure of working with her on a project once and since then I am deeply devoted to her. I want to be her when I grow up. Check out her latest wedding shoot and you’ll know what I mean.

– Last week I did a little late night impulse shopping on ebay and was lucky to get away with this 6,-€ bargain of a ship in a bottle. I love ships in bottles, they are like a little self contained world.

– Today I went to the farmers market and bought loads of delicious things. I enjoy shopping there about 34 times as much as shopping in a supermarket, despite the fact that I always return with too much fresh food to eat. At least I’ll enjoy my next few meals!

Have a great weekend, everyone. I plan on braving the horror of all horrors – shopping for new swimwear. But first I’ll eat delicious food and read too long in my freshly made bed.

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You mean to say the delightful bistro we took you too wasn’t a highlight?! ;)


aww thanks for the sweet mention, Ann-Kathrin!
lol with all this rain at the moment, im starting to wonder the same thing.


I love your things AND your things. I also have great love for ships in bottles. Well, anything in miniature version actually. I was just mysteriously sucked into the Celebrity Apprentice here and god, was it awful and yet hard to stop watching. Have a great weekend in your fresh bed!


    Manda, you’re welcome. At least you are in a great rainy city, eh?

    Thank you, Steph!!
    I’ve only ever watched one episode of the US Apprentice and didn’t like it as much. If you ever find the UK version give it a try.
    Enjoy your weekend on the beach, I’ll be enviously thinking about that as I read in bed.


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