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The Dress

Today is my brother’s wedding day and – thanks to all your help – I managed to find the most wonderful dress!

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I'm Off

We are off to my brother’s wedding, driving down to Munich during the next two days.

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Things & Things

The first time I went to the IMAX cinema it was like stepping into a different world.

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A Queensberry Wedding Album

He never even rang the door bell. There was just a soft knocking sound, gone so quick that I didn’t know what was happening

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Nele is 3 and a half and was more than a little excited about getting a brother or a sister. The only thing that could have taken this excitement to…

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Worrying Solves Nothing

I am a big fan of TED, mostly of the talks you can watch as videos. The general theme of TED is design. But there is always something to be…

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Polaroid Week

Over on flickr it is that time of the year again, time to celebrate ‘Roid Week.

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Lightroom 3 Pt. 3, Batch Processing With Presets

After covering importing and organising files in Lightroom in part 1 and sorting and rating in part 2 I now want to show you how I batch process a wedding…

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With A Little Help From My Friends

I am having a bit of a fashion crisis and thought I’d see if my female blog readers (or fashionable male blog readers, of course) can help me out.

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Things & Things

Last week we went to Manchester to see Björk as part of the Manchester International Festival with the world premier of her new show

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