Marion & Michael, a Bavarian Wedding

Last October my brother sat in my kitchen, drinking beer and telling me all about their planned holiday trip. Driving down the US West coast, stopping at Death valley, there was this little hotel. With a porch overlooking the most spectacular view of the canyon.

“But,” he says, taking one last sip from the bottle and giving a sad shrug with his shoulders, “since we are not going there this year I suppose it doesn’t make a lot of sense buying a ring and asking her now.”

He had planned on asking his girlfriend Marion to marry him right there, sitting on that porch, with a view to remember. But they postponed their trip to the US and were now going to Egypt. Whilst the pyramids and a boat ride down the Nile were still quite an experience it didn’t have the same impact as that little hotel.

I shook my head, opened another bottle and handed it to him. “You have to ask her. Pyramids are not too shabby for a view to remember? Plus that way you get to go see Death Valley as a married couple. Well, if she says yes, that is!”


And she did. He changed his plans, bought the ring, asked her on a beach in Egypt, she never had a clue and now I have a sister in law! Marion and Michael got married last Friday on July 29th 2011 in Munich. First they had a civil ceremony at the Standesamt Mandlstraße. Their wonderful friends and work colleagues brought some surprise Prosecco for a spontaneous drink afterwards and we were really lucky to catch the sun for an hour.

Afterwards Marco and me took them both on a little portrait tour into the English Garden where we ended up in the beer garden. If you ask me that’s where everyone should end up for a little break on their wedding day.

The reception and party took place at La Villa im Bamberger Haus. The organisation went flawless, the food was delicious and the staff were incredible! We all had a wonderful time and by the time Marco and I left (at 2am) the party was still in full swing, with a core group of dancers who had been going for hours. The way it should be, really.

I was a sister, best (wo)man and photographer on the day and more than nervous about how to deal with it all. Luckily Marco did a fantastic job helping me and it all worked out just fine.Turns out that if you photograph your brother’s wedding you will hardly be on any photos yourself – here is proof that I was actually there one rare shot where I don’t have a camera blocking my face. My dad immediately seized that moment for some happy hugging.

It was a great day and I am so happy for both of you. Marion and Michi – congratulations you two! Thank you for making our family bigger and better.

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looks like a perfect day, you caught the happy faces very well. i especially like the blue-white bavarian theme.


Oh ja, das war eine schöne Hochzeit! Mehr Fotos! Mehr von den tollen tollen tollen Fotos! Wäre ich nicht schon verheiratet, würde ich Dich nochmal engagieren :D


I’m happy to have taken this step and even more happy that it was you who put it on film (or chip).
It was a really wonderful day!


Would have loved to see the dress you chose ;)


Gorgeous photos Ann, it looks like a wonderful day.


Das sind wunder, wunderschöne Fotos. Die Hochzeit deines Bruders muss einfach toll gewesen sein. Ich würde auch gerne dein Dress sehen. :)


Thanks all!

It really was a great day. We are a great family so this sort of thing comes naturally to us, really. ;)

I don’t have a full body shot of the dress, but in the end I chose this one from Coast:
It’s great for going to a wedding and works average for taking photos in. It really, really needs to be cleaned now.


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