Natalie & Kevin, a wedding in Lincolnshire

Natalie tentatively first puts one foot into the billowing cloud of white that is her wedding dress, then another. This has got to be the biggest wedding dress I have ever seen and I am not sure how Natalie, being as tiny as she is, will manage to not only wear it but wear it all day long. But by the time her bridesmaid Andrea closes the last button my doubts have disappeared and I am just amazed by how delicate Nat looks as she turns around. Well, first she has to leave the room in order to turn around and then come back in facing me as her dress is simply to big for this small hallway. But she does it gracefully and with a giant smile on her face. Her brother Ali arrives in time to give both the dress and the veil an approving once over.

“How are you doing, Nat?”

“I am good!” she beams. “I think Kevin is much more nervous than me, he even asked to come over and see me this morning!”

Kevin didn’t come over to see Natalie and when I meet him at the church in Welton, the village he grew up in, he is still nervous. And clueless as to how to put on a button hole. Luckily help is near and by the time Natalie arrives at the church his nervousness is gone and the smile on his face equally as big as Nat’s.

Natalie’s dress was handmade to order by Susanna Ross and her shoes are Belle by Paradox London. The bridal bouquet and button holes are by Finishing Touch in Welton.




Natalie and Kevin got married on September 3rd 2011 at St. Mary’s church in Welton, Lincolnshire. Afterwards all their guests travelled down to Grantham to celebrate their wedding with an afternoon tea time reception at Easton Walled Gardens, an incredibly beautiful location. Their wedding was the first to take place in these gardens and I can only hope they will be doing many more in the future. The place is stunning and the team made an amazing effort to make this day as special for the happy couple as it was. The service was wonderful and the entire place was shut for only the wedding party to enjoy the grounds. What a luxury! Especially as the sun kept peeking through the clouds and the warm breezy temperatures really helped to make everyone enjoy some outdoor games.



Natalie and Kevin also made a gigantic effort to ensure that all their guests would enjoy the day. They had planned everything meticulously and involved family and friends to make a lot of the details themselves.



For their fantastic afternoon tea time themed reception they got their friend Anne to make the cake, Kevin’s father to paint the signs to the reception and another friend to sew the bunting. All the sandwiches and scones were made by Easton Walled Gardens with local produce. The flowers on the tables are from the gardens themselves with simply everything in there you can imagine. They smelled divine and I even spied some parsley!



Natalie and Kevin, you really did an amazing job! I felt incredibly welcome by both you and your family and enjoyed the entire day so much. I hope you are continuing on your course of happiness in Paris right now and don’t spend too much time looking at photos! All my best, now and forever.



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this looks like an amazing wedding right up my street it is very english country and the cake looks amazing


Well done Anne, you’ve captured their day beautifully. I love spacehoppers, so that has to be my favourite shot, along with the shot of the couple walking under the archway. Looks like you all had a wonderful day.


Thank you Natasha and thank you, Jo!

The day had a truly special feeling to it and I am very happy if that comes across in the photos. :)

Oh, and the cake tasted amazing, too! I was very lucky to be able to get a piece.


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