Viviana & Tobias, A Wedding in Bremen

I could start this post by telling you how Viviana and Tobias got married in New Jersey in January. And how it was only a small wedding which is why they got married again in October in Bremen. Or how they met at the Oktoberfest in München because Tobias is from Bremen, Germany and Viviana is from New Jersey, USA. I could go on and on about how this is the sweetest (and clearly most good-looking!) couple you have ever seen and how it couldn’t be more perfect for them to have found each other. How I know all about the ups and downs of a long distance relationship and why this is what makes me especially fond of these two. Or maybe I could tell you how Tobias went shopping for a suit for work the first time he went to visit Viviana in the US. Because when she saw him dressed in that suit she said: “Yup, I’ll marry you.” And then I could also tell you how Tobias wore that exact same suit when he did finally get married to Viviana. Perhaps I’d go off on a tangent about their awesome friends and wonderful families, who were so happy to become one big family. And all this with pure hot sunny summer weather on a Saturday in October in North Germany.

But instead I’ll simply show you. One picture, thousand words and so on. Have a look:

Viviana and Tobi, if you had only 10% of the fun I was having on your wedding day you must have had the time of your lives! And I am sure that everyone else enjoyed themselves just as much, Viviana. :)

We had a photobooth up that fit into their travel theme. Judging by the photos I’d say it was a big hit. There are more photos over on Facebook, if you are in it feel free to tag yourself!

Big thanks also to the wonderful Leonie for second shooting on this day (and keeping the photobooth alive!).

Viviana and Tobi, I am very happy we met and I wish you guys all the best! Call me when a little bebé is on the way! Much love, Ann





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This is perfect! YOU are simply awesome!!! :D

Thank you!!!!!


Gorgeous wedding Ann, stunning bride, gorgeous dress, all captured beautifully. Love the sheep shot, made me laugh out loud.


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