Adeline & Andy, two bears in the Cotswolds

On March 6th 2010 I sat next to Adeline on a very comfortable couch in the lounge of a rather nice hotel in the lake district. We were both guests at a wedding and had just met hours earlier. Drinks in hand we both looked across the room where both our boyfriends stood at the bar.

“So, do you two plan to get married?” I asked her. “No, we haven’t really talked about it. But somehow I just know we’ll get married. You know?” she said rather matter-of-factly and a small smile formed on her face as she watched Andy.

Yes, I did know. Looking at the two of them that evening it was no surprise to me when Andy sent me an email nine months later. He had planned a weekend trip to Berlin to visit the Christmas markets and had asked Adeline to marry him whilst they were away. Andy is a fantastic interior and architectural photographer himself which made me especially happy and extraordinarily nervous at the same time that he would ask me to photograph their wedding.

Adeline and Andy live in Edinburgh but will get married in the Cotswolds next April. The plans they have for their wedding day make me wish it was already 2012 but luckily their enthusiasm towards all things wedding related also affected their engagement shoot. They came up with this fantastic idea of using bear heads to give it a more fun twist. And with the Cotswolds being such a touristy area our wildlife shoot was on. I love it when someone is this excited about a portrait shoot and what with them organising their props and locations all I had to do was show up on the day and try to hold my camera still enough through the laughter that made my face hurt by the end of the day. I wish I could at least take credit for the incredibly beautiful weather or the most delicious food we had in the evening when we “test-ate” at the pub they will be staying at for their wedding but no. All I can give you is these photos of two bears in the Cotswolds.

Two bears in love, that is.

Honestly, I can’t believe how giant these heads were or how well Adeline’s hair held up to the constant bear-on – bear-off or how warm the sun still was after the week prior was filed with fog. All I know is that these two are quite special people and I am more than excited to be there when they will get married. Thank you for the wonderful day, Adeline and Andy! See you in 2012.


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These are such fun photos. I bet their wedding will be fun too. x

Ann, what can I say. This is possibly the best E shoot I’ve seen ever. I love it! Adeline & Andy must be pretty amazing to come up with such a fun idea. The ‘bear on’ shots made me laugh so much and the ‘bear off shots’ are gorgeous. I think you might have started something here, Darren just asked where he can get a bear head from. What a fantastic wedding this will be.

Amazing photo shoot, we are lucky to receive many pictures of our costumes in action but these pictures are wonderful,The love between these two with or without bear heads has been captured so well you can almost feel it.. I love the one peeking from behind the wall and in the woods.. Excellent. If you want the bears to attend your wedding you know where to come, then again you maybe interested in our Tuxedo chamapagne Rabbits.. Good luck and best wishes for the future, Vanessa and the team at Mascots UK Limited

Hi Jane, thanks! Hope you are well?

Jo. I knew you would love this. As for where to get these heads from check out Vanessa who commented underneath you. They hired the bears from – they eve deliver the costumes to your door and pick them up again! I have my eye on Randall Racoon myself, if you ever need someone dressed as such just say the word!

Vanessa, I am so happy to hear you like the photos! We had the best time ever using these bear heads, Adeline and Andy were laughing the entire day and they couldn’t even see what they looked like. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Das sind tolle Fotos, die beiden sehen sehr verliebt aus, und auch voller Humor.

This is just the best thing I have ever seen.

Bloody brilliant! Love it!!

Whoaaaaa! Absolutely positively, bloody inspired! What a couple! Love it big style. I really like the penultimate shot too. Tons of fun. x

This just made my day. Absolutely fantastic, Ann. I especially like all the “peeking round a corner” shots.

Hey Ann, These are ACE!
We met up with ‘The AA’, as I will now refer to them, on their way back up North after the shoot and they were so excited about the whole thing. Me, well I’m a bit of a traditionalist, or should I say I WAS a traditionalist until I saw the shots! I think they’re fantastic! Who knew that a chance meeting at our wedding would lead to two bears being let loose in the Cotswolds?!
Of course, I favour the shots that Andy has the head on!!
Great work!

Brilliant. One of the best engagement shoots, ever!
Love it.

Herzlich gelacht :) Klasse!!!! ♥

Did I not comment on these already? Shame on me!
Such amazing, fun, wonderful, romantic photos. Can’t wait to see the wedding!

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