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Over the last few weeks a very interesting debate has spread all over the internet concerning everyone’s favourite website: Pinterest. Now, I love Pinterest. I tried to resist joining as long as I could knowing fully well I’d spend way too much time on there that I really don’t have. Of course I folded and...


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How To Be A Giant Movie Geek


The Oscars. Love them or hate them. To me they are still the only award ceremony I’ll watch live in its entirety, despite the fact that the time difference and hugely boring “entertainment acts” (to be fair at 4am hardly anyone singing full playback will get me excited) usually render me half unconscious when they...


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Lightroom 3 Pt. 4, Processing Images


  To finish my little series on post processing for weddings using Lightroom 3 I want to tell you a little more about how I actually edit my images. This is a process that changes gradually but consistently as my visual style and how I shoot evolves. Which brings me right to my first point...


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