It’s cold. Very cold. I shouldn’t be surprised really since it’s always cold when Lauren and I get together. But after traipsing around the dew sprinkled grass in front of the gate that leads up to Iscoyd Park for only two minutes my toes are numb and I am ready to go in. A mere 8 minutes later I have made my way though most of the inside and it’s warm. In fact I am boiling now. And I feel a bit dizzy. I round the corner and walk into an empty ceremony room, waiting to be filled with guests and a registrar and two people about to say I do.

And that’s what it’s really all about. Not the cold. Or the sun that’s shining bright and warm. Or the fact that I am so unbelievably nervous I want to hide in a corner until it’s all over. You see, I get nervous before every wedding I photograph. And I get especially nervous when it is the wedding of someone who means as much to me as Lauren and Ste do. But panicking won’t help me and after a minute or two of deep slow breaths (and Marco demanding I put my gameface on) I am ready, ready to dive in head first. The rest of the day is such a whirlwind of emotions that I barely come up for air. I laugh and cry when everyone else around me laughs and cries and every now and then I pause for a second and take it all in. This is it. It’s the day these two are able to celebrate with the people they love and it is simply perfect.

There are flower crowns that transform the bridesmaids into woodland nymphs, there are dapper ushers drinking champagne with the groom in the morning, there is a range of stationary that makes you want to frame every single bit and hang it on your wall, words and hugs and gifts that elicit tears and other words and hugs and dances that make the room erupt in laughter. A cake so pretty it’s hard to believe it tastes as good as it looks (even though it does), light shining through trees as if it was a fresh summer morning and groups of friends gathering to talk and laugh everywhere.

And amongst all that a boy and a girl so in love you can feel it in the air, touch it with your fingertips and keep a little bit in your heart to warm you on a day even colder than this. It’s such an honour for Marco and me to be able to share this day with you and give you something back by capturing a little part of it. Thank you Lolly and Ste, for being the friends that you are.

Shot on Portra 400 and 800 and Ilford Delta 3200, developed and scanned by the FIND lab.

001_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding Wedding stationary for Iscoyd Park wedding 003_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 004_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 005_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 006_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 007_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 008_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 009_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 010_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 011_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 012_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 013_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 014_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 015_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 016_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 017_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 018_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 019_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 020_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 021_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 022_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding Selina Godsall flowers at Iscoyd Park 024_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 025_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 026_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 027_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 028_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 029_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 030_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 031_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding Lolly RMW wedding day 033_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 034_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 035_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 036_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 037_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding Flower Crown on Bridesmaid 039_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 040_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 041_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 042_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 043_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 044_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding Charlotte Balbier dress at Iscoyd Park 046_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 047_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 048_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 049_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 050_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 051_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 052_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 053_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 054_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 055_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 056_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 057_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 058_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 059_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding Iscoyd Park wedding photography 061_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding Autumnal Iscoyd Park wedding 063_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding Confetti at Iscoyd Park Bridesmaids at Iscoyd park wedding 066_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 067_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 068_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 069_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 070_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding wedding portraits at Iscoyd Park072_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding Iscoyd Park Wedding photography 074_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding Iscoyd Park Wedding 076_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding Iscoyd Park Wedding photographer Autumn wedding at Iscoyd Park 079_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 080_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 081_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 082_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 083_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 084_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 085_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 086_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 087_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 088_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 089_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 090_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 091_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 092_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 093_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 094_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding 095_annkathrinkoch_iscoyd_park_wedding

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I’ve shot here, great work!


Reading your words and looking through the images I am instantly transported back to that day; not so long ago but long enough that the everyday humdrum has taken over. Instantly the magic and emotion is resurrected and I sit here teary and tight and fighting to breathe. I love every single shot and every single shot is full; full of love and sparkle and full of you, overflowing with intimacy, with every ounce of your own magic and very special wonderfulness.


Sigh. I just love your work! But you know that! Another stunning wedding. Loved every frame!


You know (or should it be ya know?) I agree with Lauren’s Tweet. This is OUTSTANDING wedding photography of a couples’ most beautiful day. It’s lovely to look through a photographers’ blog and get to the end feeling inspired…


You rocked it Ann.
Looks like the best day. Can’t wait to see what Shutterbox came up with too.


Ann, these photos are absolutely stunning and mind-blowingly beautiful! What a beautiful couple, guests, location and wedding day! Make me want to get married immediately… Only 9 more days to go though… ;)


Oh Ann.

You’ve left me speechless.

Perhaps unheard of for me… But you’ve captured, so wonderfully (as I knew you would), the very essence of not only our day but all the love that surrounded and permeated us as we got married.

Looking back at all these images is a real treat – honestly it is! You raise photography to an art form without losing the intimacy which is so very important to me. I’m honoured and privileged that you took the most important photos of my life so far and even prouder to call you my friend.

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am xxxx


Woooow! LOVE the style of this couple and their dreamy ceremony location. The emotions and story of the day have been captured and displayed in this post so perfectly!


Every wedding I see of yours is my favourite, until this one. This one will take some beating. Breathtaking.


Dear Ann, Lauren and Steve,

I had to comment on these stunning images, beautiful wedding and bride. Ann your work is truly gorgeous, love the way you have captured the day, the bride & groom and guests, just beautiful.

Lauren… WOW what an utterly beautiful Charlotte Balbier bride you are, I am so proud to have you as a bride. Your ‘Martha’ gown is the perfect dress for you and your wedding.

The cherry on the cake for me is this wedding is at our wedding venue, next year Teddy and I will say ‘I do’ at Iscoyd Park! Looking through these images brought a tear to my eye as this Charlotte Balbier has extra special meaning.

Wishing Lauren & Steve lots of love, laughter, happiness and health for a wonderful life together.

Ann thank you for capturing a Charlotte Balbier bride so perfectly.

Love to all,
Charlotte Balbier xxx


Wow Ann, these are astounding.


Ann, Lauren & Steve

These pictures are amazing and as you were one of our very special brides, we are so very proud that you wore one of our gowns by Charlotte.
Amazing pictures, Lauren you looked stunning, everything went together perfectly, the dress the veil and your headdress and I must say I’m so impressed you kept your veil on all night!

Beautiful!! And fabulous photography Ann

Emma xx


Beautiful images of a beautiful day packed with beautiful people. Gorgeous. xxx


I’d love to know where the bridesmaids dresses were from?


This is one of the most beautiful weddings i think I’ve ever seen.

Emma Cullen
July 3, 2013 7:56 pm

Beautiful wedding! I’d also love to know where the bridesmaids dresses are from. Love the bronze colour especially


Digging around old blogs. and i find this. Which now leads me on to your more recent work. I love discovering other photographers. Beautiful.


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