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Helen & James, A Preview


Helen and James had a real Christmas wedding, with numerous Christmas trees, sparkles and lights everywhere – and a sunny 10 degrees outside. Even the Spring weather with birds singing couldn’t stop anyone from feeling festive however and the day went past in a blur of twinkling smiles and shimmering baubles. Congratulations you two happy...


Alex & Matt, A Wedding at Café Paris


If you imagine a wedding set in the Great Gatsby era of the 1920′s but with a ceremony in a traditional Maori house from New Zealand and a reception in a French Art Deco café in Hamburg you would get pretty close to what Alex and Matt’s wedding looked like. You may want to throw...


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Katy & Gareth, A Preview


  Katy and Gareth. What can I say. From a delicious family dinner the night before through more sunshine than anyone could have hoped for until the longest speeches at a wedding known to mankind – I had an absolute blast. Thank you for a fantastic day and congratulations! You are married! More to come.  ...


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Lauren & Steve on Film


“Why is it you shoot weddings on film?” people ask. That’s a good question. Considering I have a perfectly lovely digital camera. And film costs a lot of money, it needs to be developed and scanned, and the cameras are surely not as good as newer digital models? Yes, film is more expensive. It does...


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Alex & Matt, A Preview


If you ever wondered what it looked like to have a Great Gatsby inspired wedding with a frankly breathtakingly beautiful dress, a ceremony in a Maori house and a reception in a French Art Deco bar in Hamburg you may have to come back and see what happened on Alex and Matt’s wedding day on...