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Sarah’s big dark eyes are reflecting the light like jewels. She looks down towards the ground, a tiny smile plying around her lips. William pulls her close, rests his face close to her neck and together they breathe – in and out. Sarah and William are good together. They fit. And so, on this half-sunny, half-cloudy August day in Kent, their families and friends gather to celebrate this. With a sprinkling of rain and flower petals, through laughter and tears in the garden of Hartlip Place, to the tune of a piano in the church and the giggling of white-clad flower girls. A proper English garden affair. And in the middle of it all two people, fitting together as one.

Kent Wedding at Hartlip Place Invitation to a Kent wedding 004_annkathrinkoch_kent_wedding_hartlip_place Kent wedding at Hartlip place Flower girl with white flower crown at Kent wedding 007_annkathrinkoch_kent_wedding_hartlip_place kent wedding photographer Flower girl getting dressed kent wedding photographer kent wedding photographer kent wedding photographer kent wedding photographer Pale pink roses as wedding flowers Beautiful bride at kent wedding Flower girls at kent wedding kent wedding photographer kent wedding photographer Bride walking down the stairs kent wedding photographer Bride with two little flower girls in white Hartlip wedding Kent Little flower girl with crown of white flowers Village church wedding in Hartlip Kent kent wedding photographer kent wedding photographer Hartlip church wedding Wedding at Hartlip church Couple at wedding in Hartlip church kent wedding photography Hartlip kent wedding photography Hartlip kent wedding photographer kent wedding photography Hartlip Place kent wedding photography A groom in Kent wedding Wedding flowers Kent Beautiful bride wedding in Kent Hartlip Kent wedding photography Hartlip Place wedding 040_annkathrinkoch_kent_wedding_hartlip_place 041_annkathrinkoch_kent_wedding_hartlip_place 042_annkathrinkoch_kent_wedding_hartlip_place 043_annkathrinkoch_kent_wedding_hartlip_place 044_annkathrinkoch_kent_wedding_hartlip_place 045_annkathrinkoch_kent_wedding_hartlip_place 046_annkathrinkoch_kent_wedding_hartlip_place

© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2014. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without asking me first.

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