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Ginny & Nick, Surrey Wedding Photography

Surrey Wedding Photographer - Ann-Kathrin Koch

Brightly coloured flowers on Ginny’s shiny dark hair. A tiny smile starting in the corner of her mouth, widening into a stunning beam that spreads over her whole face. Nick’s gaze on Ginny’s face, soft and tender, as he puts his arms around her and pulls her close. Dark puffy clouds rolling in and then...



Portrait Photography Scotland

I’ve harped on enough about the beauty of Scotland. But when there’s sunshine and a strong wind blowing and you find yourself on the edge of the Highlands you can’t not take any photos. Fresh eggs for breakfast from the chickens in our garden, Siegrid‘s long red hair in the wind, a deer looking in...


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Nathalie & Christopher, A Wedding in St Agnes, Cornwall

Wedding Photographer St Agnes Cornwall

Nathalie and Christopher’s story starts a little differently. Over a year ago I received an email from Christopher: “This is from Christopher rather than from the two of us for one simple reason – I haven’t yet proposed to Nathalie.  I have however booked the church!” That’s confidence right there. Apparently Nathalie had already laid...


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Victoria & Mark – Wedding Photography Scotland

Wedding Photography Scotland

I look into Victoria’s eyes, looking at Mark, and I see a light. It sparkles and shines and Mark’s smile shows me he knows. Their hands find each other instinctively and as they walk away Mark says something that makes Victoria laugh, the kind of laughter that makes you grin even as it fades away....


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Nathalie & Christopher, Cornwall Portrait Photographer

Cornwall Portrait Photographer

The Cornish seaside. Clouds are hanging low above the sea and every word we say is being ripped away by forceful gusts of wind. Nathalie and Christopher took us on a walk along the coastal path to the spot where Christopher proposed to Nathalie. Arty runs ahead, up and down the hills, in constant danger...