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One Year


The past year was something of a milestone for me. So many things have happened and so many people have come into my life to change it for the better. It was a year where I met people who would take me to Austria, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali, all over England and Germany, Scotland and on...


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Singapore And Bali, Portrait Special


Sometimes, life is good. Stars align and things fall into place. And you take a deep breath and realise that everything will be amazing. For example when I met these two. After an amazing day in Munich we got on so well and they loved their photos so much they decided that I should come...


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Rock My Wedding – Rock My Boutique AW 12 campaign


My phone rattles. It’s a text from Charlotte: ” Hi Ann, could you give me a call when you are free? I have a secret to share! x”. Hmmmm. Charlotte got married a few years ago, so I doubt James proposed to her again. And I just saw her a few days ago and she...


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A Lomotastic Friday


I bought my first Holga on ebay in 2003. Someone had given me a very much expired roll of Kodak BW400CN and I went straight out to shoot the entire roll on my newly acquired plastic toy camera. And then promptly forgot it in a drawer. When I found it again some two years later...


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Old is the new Black


It’s no secret that I love film. If I could I’d shoot everything on film and then throw the developed negatives into the air and roll around in them like Scrooge McDuck in money, revelling in their perfectly delicious colours and creamy warm skin tones. When Marco and my parents teamed up to give me...


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