Drumtochty Castle, Scotland

I look into Victoria’s eyes, looking at Mark, and I see a light. It sparkles and shines and Mark’s smile shows me he knows.  more

Nathalie & Christopher Portraits

Cornwall, England

The Cornish seaside. Clouds are hanging low above the sea and every word we say is being ripped away by forceful gusts of wind.  more

Cleo & Ryan

Notley Abbey, Oxfordshire

The kind of laughter that builds in your stomach and slowly makes it way to the surface, in a bubbly way until it breaks open in a big smile.  more

Abi & Darryl

Dewsall Court, Herefordshire

It was only a few weeks after I photographed my first wedding at Dewsall Court that I got an email from Abi.  more

Victoria & Mark

Argyll, Scotland

Oh Scotland. You beautiful thing, you. Since I first went to Scotland at the beginning of last year I fell hard for this Northern country.  more

Ginny & Nick

Pirbright, Surrey

Once the last drop of rain had fallen and all clouds had passed, Ginny and Nick stepped out into the sunlight.  more

Jill & Russ

Coos Cathedral, Scotland

“It’s in Scotland!”  That’s what Jill’s first email to me said. She may have mentioned a date but really, all the important stuff was in that one sentence.  more


Balearic Islands, Spain

This island has been a part of my family life for a long time now.  more

Amy & Matthew

Greenwich, London

Matthew is the kind of guy that will surprise you when you’ve already decided it’s not going to happen.  more

Sandra & Rob

Hever Castle, Kent

Sandra and Rob – a Canadian and an Englishman. They met, fell in love and decided to get married in England.  more


British Columbia, Canada

In 1995 I first walked past a big waterfall in the arrivals hall of Vancouver International airport.  more

Bec & Chris

Goodwood House, Chichester

When Bec and Chris got in touch I asked why they were planning to get married in December. “Because we love Christmas!” was the convincing answer.  more

Portland, Oregon

Oregon, USA

“Choo chooooooo!” Turns out that actually is the sound a train makes in the US. And not just every now and then.  more

Raluca & Sherif

Kensington, London

Raluca and Sherif had two most amazing wedding celebrations in Hamburg and Istanbul. more

Jay & Matt

Hare and Hounds, Cotswolds

When I met Jay and Matt I knew it was going to be special to see them get married.  more