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Sunday Laziness

Last week I was in desperate need for something to improve my productivity. I am madly busy right now and somehow it seems that the more I get done the…
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Greetings From…

Last year I did a rather challenging project. The idea was to take a self-portrait every week throughout the entire year. (more…)
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Raising The (Burger) Bar

I’ve recently sold a print of one of my photos in a 60x60cm size. This gave me the opportunity to try out a new way of mounting a print instead…
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It’s cold outside. Properly cold. I still managed to go out with my Hasselblad and take a few photos of the frozen fog that clings to every single tree branch,…
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Leonard Cohen and Photography

It’s no secret that I like to shoot film. It’s not that I scoff at digital, on the contrary. I actually started on a digital camera and then, much like…
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Extension Tubed

I’ve recently bought a few extension tubes for my Hasselblad off a good friend, Carl. (more…)
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Next Stop: Slovenia

On our first few days we concentrated on the usual tourist things to do on summer holiday in a South European country. (more…)
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Lakes, Italian Style

You know what’s the best thing about a wedding in Switzerland? It’s only a 4 hour drive over the stunning Simplon pass to the Italian lakes. (more…)
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Debra & Ross

I turned around. Behind me I saw tourists in colourful windbreakers and technical gear three rows deep, some confused, some curious with a camera at the ready and most with…
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