If you are working as a creative and maybe even run your own business, things aren’t always as easy as they seem. We sit there and we look at those pictures of other people and we know it’s wrong but we can’t help it: “How did they do that?” “Why am I not sipping a chilled drink at an exotic beach, about to shoot a wedding under palm trees?” “My photos suck.” “My clients suck.” “I suck.”

Okay. First – no, you don’t. And second – yes, we all do that. But that doesn’t mean it’s a necessary evil or even a good idea. What is a good idea is to get out of your head and gain some perspective. Breathe. And then focus on what is really important.


Who are you? What is it that you do? Why are you doing it and who for? What is important to you about the work you do?

Don’t follow what others seem to be doing. It just doesn’t work. I was once told by a very good friend that one thing always shines through in everything I do: integrity. I had never thought of it like that up until that point. But it made sense. And from that day I made sure that I’d keep following that path regardless of the circumstances.


I have an objective distance and will show you what is going on with your business and your work. I will guide you to find a way through all that noise, back to the place where it all came from: your original source of motivation and inspiration.

It’s already there. You only have to see it.

  • 2 hour coaching session via Facetime
  • Let’s get personal. Like a coaching session! What we talk about depends on what you need. This can be anything from business to marketing to how to get destination weddings to why is my website so ugly to does my butt look big in this. This will be via FaceTime at a time that works for both of us.
  • One day meeting in person
  • You want to learn how to load film, use a film camera, find and meter light, help real people to look like themselves and have all the time you need to sit down with me and ask me all those questions. Also, lunch. You come to where I am or I come to where you are. Travel costs not included.