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Vancouver Film Photography

In 1995 I first walked past a big waterfall in the arrivals hall of Vancouver International airport. I queued for an hour at immigration and picked up my two massive bags from the luggage carousel. They were the last bags to circle slowly around and around, arriving on a student visa for twelve months takes...


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This place called Bali


My fingers leave sweaty little circles on the paper as I turn the page of the book a previous traveller had left behind in the hotel lobby. This is the downside of taking a Kindle on holiday with you – it may break. And a paperback is clearly much better equipped to deal with this...


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Mama & Papa


These two people are incredible in every way. They are wonderful together. They are even better when it comes to other people. They have so much love and warmth and joy to give. It’s fair to say that my brother and me have been blessed with a pretty amazing set of parents. They’ve been there...


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My Oma


I’ve written about my Oma before. Mostly because I love her loads. But also because I am very grateful for her to be ever so patient with me snapping away when we go out for our walks. It’s always the same, I take as many photos of her as she’ll let me, she will demand...


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Shiny and Bright


It was a Wednesday evening and Marco and I had our regular director’s meeting* in the pub. “So you think we should re-do the entire website?” “Yes.” “With a new logo, bigger pictures, new words and everything?” “Yes.” “Sure. Why not!” A few pints of ale, some more weeks and one very useful inhouse branding...


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