Best Wedding Photographer 2014


There were weddings and celebrations, plane rides and road trips, I went up the mountains and stuck my toes into the sea. I met new friends to laugh with and…
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Editorial Photography Scotland


Scotland has always fascinated me. With an extraordinary beautiful rugged landscape and known for endless rain and cold winds it’s not a conventionally pretty place. Yet everywhere you turn it…
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Hochzeitswahn Buch Feature


If you don’t know Hochzeitswahn yet go check it out, it’s a German wedding blog run by the wonderful Patricia. I am so happy to see Gloralea and Sven’s wedding…
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A Lomotastic Friday

I bought my first Holga on ebay in 2003. Someone had given me a very much expired roll of Kodak BW400CN and I went straight out to shoot the entire…
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Happy Crimbo, Everyone!

It’s 8.30 on Saturday morning and the windows of the car are still frozen around the edges despite the heater having gone on full blast for the drive here (more…)
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