Rock My Wedding – Rock My Boutique AW 12 campaign

My phone rattles. It’s a text from Charlotte: ” Hi Ann, could you give me a call when you are free? I have a secret to share! x”. Hmmmm. Charlotte got married a few years ago, so I doubt James proposed to her again. And I just saw her a few days ago and she was having a drink, so surely she’s not pregnant? What could it be? I love secrets and people sharing them with me is even better.

Well, a quick call later and it’s much much bigger than weddings or babies – it’s a boutique. And not just any boutique but Rock My Wedding‘s very own online bespoke wedding shop – Rock My Boutique. Which I’m supposed to take the photos for. Let’s just say there was a bit of silence happening as I sat there trying to wrap my brain around it all, failing miserably and just asking Charlotte stupid questions instead. “So. You’ll be selling shoes? And who is going to package all the stuff?”. Yes, Ann. THAT’S the first thing on anyone’s mind, surely! Who will package it all!

Luckily by the time we were ready to take some photos most of my super important questions had been answered and we got to work. I say work, really it was just one of those days were a lot of hard work from everyone involved comes together and you get to witness a beautiful thing. It was just fantastic to be able to work with the fabulous Jemma, Jack, Svetlana and Margarita again. As usual Lauren and Charlotte’s tablescape looked immense, Adam got his DIY on and built a flower/plant swing (I know?), Simon worked his magic to produce this amazing campaign film and suddenly there were lots of breakdancing dudes, bustin’ some moves. Oh yes. I just said bustin’.

Thank you Charlotte, Adam and Lauren for not only sharing your secret with me but letting me be a part of it all. I know the boutique will go down a treat but I still wish you all the best with it – godspeed!

One thing I enjoyed most about this shoot was being able to work together with people I like. Simon Clarke being one of them.
Check out Simon’s amazing campaign film here to see how it all comes together:

RMW – RMB I AW12 – big city love. from Simon Clarke Films on Vimeo.



© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2012. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without asking me first.








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Ann I love you more than lemonade and cupcakes and strawberry laces.

You made our campaign look so beautiful pet.

Charlotte xxx


Amazing as always you gorgeous woman!


Insanely cool setup and images! Beautiful. All of it!


WOW! Great work Ann – as always! Looks beautiful!


Such a beautiful job! xxxx


Love these Ann. Beautiful!


Great work Ann, love the shots with the dancers and that last image is beautiful




Wahnsinn! Das sind geniale, coole Fotos. Gefallen mir sehr.


great shoot, love the light


hot damn. extraordinary stuff.


Im very late to the party on these but hey, who cares. They are beautiful. Amazing what digging around in old blog posts uncovers.


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