Another Year

All Over The World

There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in

– Leonard Cohen more

Hong Kong Portrait Special

Hong Kong

One of the best things about my job is that I get to share a little moment of someone else’s life. I get a glimpse into their world and in return I show them what it looks like through my eyes. If that means going to where they are all the better. Every corner, every cloud, every window reflecting the light is something that spells home to someone.  more

Emma & Mike

Babington House, Somerset

A day with soft golden light shining through the leaves of trees soon to turn yellow and orange. The smell of wood fires in the air. Autumn must be the perfect time of the year for a Babington House wedding.  more

Emily & Stephen

De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill On Sea

Take an English seaside town, gold painted creatures of the sea and a giant moon to get married under. Combine these things with a modernist building that is a contemporary art gallery and you’ll find yourself at Emily and Stephen’s wedding at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Sea.  more

Clare & Nick

Mickleton Hills Farm, Cotswolds

In between golden fields of wheat and rolling hills I take a right. A tree lined lane leads right to a small but beautifully formed farm house and once I pass the blooming rosebush on the brick wall it opens up to show the whole of Mickleton Hills Farmmore

Zena & James

Mandarin Oriental, London

Zena and James are getting married next year and decided to have a religious blessing and their engagement party at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London. more

Anwen & Myrddin

Conwy, Wales

Goosebumps and sheep, lush green fields and the sun casting a golden light across the mountains as it sets. That’s how I remember Anwen and Myrddin’s wedding. more

Claudia & Laurence

Sheldon Manor, Bath

When I first met Claudia and Laurence one thing I noticed about them was how they interacted with each other – little glances, a soft touch here and there, small smiles reacting to what the other had said. They seemed so in tune with each other. And that’s how I experienced them on their wedding day as well. Excited and attentive and truly, well, smitten. more

Sophie & Jonathon

Positano, Italy

“And this is Villa Oliviero?” I ask the taxi driver, quizzically eyeing the narrow lane ahead. It’s parked full of scooters and leading to seemingly never-ending stairs that disappear behind a corner. “Si!” he beams and is gone.  more

Amy & Matthew

Barnsley House, Cotswolds

Amy looks up at the glass ceiling of the conservatory which is covered in little drops of rain at this point. She instinctively draws her robe a little tighter around her and I can see the worry cross her face for a brief second.  more

Naomi & Mark

County Wicklow, Ireland

“These two are next” Glynis said to me with a barely noticeable nod in the direction of Naomi and Mark cuddled up close. She has a knowing smile on her face and adds: “They are good together.” more

Emma & Mike

Birdlip Hill, Cotswolds

What could possibly go wrong? It’s the Cotswolds, one of the prettiest areas there is. There is a view. And it’s summer time so flowers will be in bloom and the sun shall shine upon us. more

Sarah & Will

Hartlip Place, Kent

Sarah’s big dark eyes are reflecting the light like jewels. She looks down towards the ground, a tiny smile plying around her lips. William pulls her close, rests his face close to her neck and together they breathe – in and out.  more

Under Open Skies | Scotland Editorial Photography

Ardkinglas, Argyll

Scotland has always fascinated me. With an extraordinary beautiful but rugged landscape and known for endless rain and cold winds it’s not a conventionally pretty place. more

Sian & Ed

The George in Rye

Sometimes things don’t work out at all how you wanted them to be. And sometimes this is for the best.  more