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Portrait Photography Scotland

I’ve harped on enough about the beauty of Scotland. But when there’s sunshine and a strong wind blowing and you find yourself on the edge of the Highlands you can’t not take any photos. Fresh eggs for breakfast from the chickens in our garden, Siegrid‘s long red hair in the wind, a deer looking in...


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Nathalie & Christopher, Cornwall Portrait Photographer

Cornwall Portrait Photographer

The Cornish seaside. Clouds are hanging low above the sea and every word we say is being ripped away by forceful gusts of wind. Nathalie and Christopher took us on a walk along the coastal path to the spot where Christopher proposed to Nathalie. Arty runs ahead, up and down the hills, in constant danger...


Victoria and Mark, A Scotland Portrait Session

Scotland portrait photographer

Oh Scotland. You beautiful thing, you. Since I first went to Scotland at the beginning of last year I fell hard for this Northern country. The people, the landscape, the whisky and the accent. Victoria and Mark live in Hong Kong but would get married in Scotland. Originally we’d planned to do an engagement session...


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Amy & Matthew


Matthew is the kind of guy that will surprise you when you’ve already decided it’s not going to happen. Which is a good starting point if you’re getting married. How do I know? After these two booked me to photograph their wedding at Barnsley House in May, Amy told me that she has got a...


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Sandra & Rob


Sandra and Rob – a Canadian and an Englishman. They met, fell in love and decided to get married in England. But just the two of them, no families, no friends. A few weeks before we met up at Hever Castle for a portrait session. We soaked up some golden sunlight, discussed the pros and...


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