Hever Castle Portrait Photography


Sandra and Rob – a Canadian and an Englishman. They met, fell in love and decided to get married in England. But just the two of them, no families, no…
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London Portrait Photography


Raluca and Sherif had two most amazing wedding celebrations in Hamburg and Istanbul. Both places holding a special significance for them and their busy lives travelling, always living in different…
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Carcassonne France Portrait Photography


Tricia and Josh did it exactly right – they live in New York and when they travelled all the way to the South of France to get married at La…
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Portrait Photography North Germany


These two people are incredible in every way. They are wonderful together. They are even better when it comes to other people. They have so much love and warmth and…
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Clent Portrait Photography


Kate and Rob came to see me on a very surprisingly sunny day back in May. We spent the afternoon traipsing around my local Woodland Trust forest and chatting about…
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Lyndsey & Kayyor

The snow was falling down softly all around us. Lyndsey’s breath formed little white puffs as she exhaled and Kayyor’s feet didn’t look very warm in his slippers either. “Think…
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Jay and Matt

On a sunny day in South London Jay and Matt invited me to their house for breakfast. And with a house like theirs and breakfast cooking skills like Matt’s you…
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Bali Wedding Photographer


I crack the window open a bit and a warm breeze makes its way into the car, cooling down my face, my neck and my hair. The air conditioning is…
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Christine & Ryan

It was hot. There’s no doubt about that. And humid. So humid in fact that my cameras (after chilling in an air conditioned hotel room and being driven to the…
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Rachel & James

“We have a pretty decent view.” James said as I stood on the edge of their roof terrace. If pretty decent means a 360 degree view over Singapore spreading out…
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