Christine & Ryan

It was hot. There’s no doubt about that. And humid. So humid in fact that my cameras (after chilling in an air conditioned hotel room and being driven to the Botanical Gardens in an air conditioned cab) took about 20 minutes to de-fog. If there is any place you want to be in Singapore when you feel just a little too hot and sweaty it’s the Botanical Gardens. They are amazingly beautiful, full of lush trees and leafy plants and Christine and Ryan found us this little magical place under a big shady tree where we could spend a few hours and well, de-fog.

Christine and Ryan live in London and are from Singapore. This Spring they went to visit their families and, not having seen each other in a while, wanted to have some photos of everyone together. There were Christine’s parents and her sisters with the kids and new baby Jayden. I think it’s fair to say that we had the most fun you could have whilst being hot and sweaty and Singapore and I’m very grateful to have met this fabulous family and have given them this reminder of a great time together.


© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2013. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without asking me first.

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The colors are amazing. And the portraits beautiful. Wonderful work


Very beautiful n heart warming pictures. How much to do sth like that, say at the sea aquarium at sentosa?
Thx for replying in advance!


The lady on the space hopper is the best!


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