Lyndsey & Kayyor

The snow was falling down softly all around us. Lyndsey’s breath formed little white puffs as she exhaled and Kayyor’s feet didn’t look very warm in his slippers either. “Think warm thoughts!” I suggest, “Where are you going on honeymoon?” “Bali.” Lyndsey said as a big smile started to form on her face. I lowered my camera. “What? I’ll be in Bali next week. Why don’t we stop freezing in the snow and take more portraits of you two next week in Bali?”

So we did. On a sunny day in Ubud, Bali that was anything but cold I met up with Lyndsey and Kayyor in their incredible hotel. There is just something really special about seeing a happy couple whilst on honeymoon. The wedding is over now, the stress is gone and they’ve had a few days to relax whilst still floating on that cloud of bliss. And getting a glimpse into this special kind of happiness? Well, that’s kind of spectacular.

All shot on film, Kodak Portra 400, Contax 645, developed and scanned by the FIND lab.

© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2013. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without asking me first.


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Denise Atkins
July 4, 2013 2:41 pm

how very awesome!


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