A Lomotastic Friday

I bought my first Holga on ebay in 2003. Someone had given me a very much expired roll of Kodak BW400CN and I went straight out to shoot the entire roll on my newly acquired plastic toy camera. And then promptly forgot it in a drawer.

When I found it again some two years later I dropped the roll of film off at the lab and what I got back was so wonderfully random and different from anything else I’ve shot on film that I couldn’t help but develop a little crush on this unreliable little camera. It’s a bit like having a crush on the older guy in school with the cool leather jacket and strange hair – he probably doesn’t turn up on time where he said he would and won’t ever call you back but once you do get his attention it’s all kinds of awesome.

So when Adam from Rock My Wedding contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if I’d like to prance around London for a day, using a Lomo camera of my choice to photograph three amazing couples who’d won a competition, all styled by the ever marvelous Lauren from Grace and Gable, with make-up and hair being done by Melissa Greening and happening at the Lomography UK shop in London I didn’t think. I just said yes.
I was joined by the fabulous Anna Clarke, Emma Case and Steve Gerrard as well as Simon Clarke shooting video and prance around London we did.


I went with a Diana F+ and  Sprocket Rocket as my weapons of choice from the Lomography Shop – see the results of the Lomo shoot over here on RMW.
Plus some more behind the scenes shots and a video (!) – including outtakes – right here.

Any excuse is a good excuse to get my film cameras out so I used this opportunity to give both my Hasselblad as well as my Nikon F100 an outing and shoot film for the entire day. I used the Lomography 800ISO film for all my 35mm shots and am really happy with the colours!

All in all it was such a fantastic day – thanks to Heidi for having us come down to the Lomo shop and drink all your coffee and thanks to all three couples. You guys have been a real pleasure to photograph. I mean, look:



© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2012. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don't use the photos without asking me first.



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Adeline Keirle
April 4, 2012 5:27 pm

Omg I love it!! Looks great! And what a fun day it sounds like with some fab people! Jealous I wasn’t there!!


Thanks, Adeline! You really would have enjoyed it, anyone would be hard pressed to find a better group of people. :)


Love them Ann! Love the grain and the colours :-) You’re the film queen of Hamburg/Birmingham :-)


Jesus Christ Ann… IMMENSE WORK. That is all.


[…] can see more of Allman-Brown here and there are also a few more photographs from the shoot over on Ann-Kathrin Koch’s blog for you to enjoy. And now having seen the behind the scenes footage, you may want to revisit […]


Ann you know I take great pleasure in knowing my wedding photographer and friend will one day be hugely famous the world over. You are at one with a camera. Incredible photographising. As usual.


You made me remember my film days and, at the same time, mad because I sold all my film cameras. Great photos done with great fun. You must do more. congrats.


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