An outdoor ceremony at Dewsall Court


The wind picks up a flower petal from Atrin’s dress and swoops it up into the air. For a moment it hangs suspended as if weightless before dropping next to…
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Notting Hill portrait photography


From drizzling rain and pastel coloured houses in Notting Hill to golden rays of sun on Westminster Bridge, Jamie and Caleb got their full London experience in just a few…
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Rachel & James

“We have a pretty decent view.” James said as I stood on the edge of their roof terrace. If pretty decent means a 360 degree view over Singapore spreading out…
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Tran & Ben

Tran and Ben have a certain glow about them that makes you instantly feel all right with the world (more…)
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A Lomotastic Friday

I bought my first Holga on ebay in 2003. Someone had given me a very much expired roll of Kodak BW400CN and I went straight out to shoot the entire…
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Hasselblad Wedding Photography

Lately I had quite a few enquiries for my wedding photography where people specifically asked for my Hasselblad packages. So I figured it may be a good idea to explain…
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