Lago di Como Wedding Photography


Last summer I got to spend a few days on the shores of Lago di Como with two of my favourite people, Anna and Simon. In between pasta, pizza and vino rosso we explored the area a little. If I could ride around an Italian lake onboard a snazzy little speedboat every day I would be very happy indeed.

All shot on Fuji 400h, developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_002 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_003 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_004 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_005 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_006 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_007 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_008 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_009 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_010 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_011 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_012 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_013 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_014 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_015 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_016 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_017 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_018 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_019 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_020 annkathrinkoch_lagodicomo_photography_021

© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2015. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without my permission.

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Stunning. Very beautiful photographs. Love the tones and composition. Film is amazing.


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