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Mallorca Alcudia

This island has been a part of my family life for a long time now. First my parents spent their holidays here every summer, then we had a house some 15 years ago that became a great meeting place for all of us. Flights were cheap, there was always a toothbrush and a whole lot...



Vancouver Film Photography

In 1995 I first walked past a big waterfall in the arrivals hall of Vancouver International airport. I queued for an hour at immigration and picked up my two massive bags from the luggage carousel. They were the last bags to circle slowly around and around, arriving on a student visa for twelve months takes...


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Portland, Oregon


“Choo chooooooo!” Turns out that actually is the sound a train makes in the US. And not just every now and then. On my 8 hour journey from Vancouver to Portland I must have heard that sound roughly 476253 times. I stopped counting 12 minutes into the trip. Instead I settled back into my extra...


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One Year


The past year was something of a milestone for me. So many things have happened and so many people have come into my life to change it for the better. It was a year where I met people who would take me to Austria, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali, all over England and Germany, Scotland and on...


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This place called Bali


My fingers leave sweaty little circles on the paper as I turn the page of the book a previous traveller had left behind in the hotel lobby. This is the downside of taking a Kindle on holiday with you – it may break. And a paperback is clearly much better equipped to deal with this...


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