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It’s cold outside. Properly cold. I still managed to go out with my Hasselblad and take a few photos of the frozen fog that clings to every single tree branch, making the entire world look like a sugar sprinkled dream land. None of the pavements around here are cleared so walking wasn’t easy. Actually, stomping...


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Can We Not Call It Crimbo?


It’s December 23rd. It’s my mum’s birthday and the last night before Christmas Eve. All gifts are wrapped and safely tucked under my very own Christmas tree, a birthday cake has been baked and is ready to be taken over to my parents for Christmas coffee with my grandma, my fridge is full with breakfast...


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Leonard Cohen and Photography


It’s no secret that I like to shoot film. It’s not that I scoff at digital, on the contrary. I actually started on a digital camera and then, much like a crab, moved backwards until I ended up using film, more exact a medium format manual camera to make it extra difficult. And yes, I...


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Perfect Wedding Magazine


Just a quick note to let you know that I am 1.) not dead 2.) super excited to share the news with you that Mel’s cupcakes have been featured in this month’s Perfect Wedding Magazine. Alongside one of my photos. I have secretly been a huge fan of the purple coloured cupcake anyway. So happy...


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