Leonard Cohen and Photography

It’s no secret that I like to shoot film. It’s not that I scoff at digital, on the contrary. I actually started on a digital camera and then, much like a crab, moved backwards until I ended up using film, more exact a medium format manual camera to make it extra difficult. And yes, I do miss the spontaneity I have with digital. Sometimes all that waiting and patience (not really my most outstanding character trait) gets on my nerves and I just want to upload that card full of images to my computer as soon as I come home.

So why bother?

Well, film is special, you see. I know everyone says that who uses it, but there is a good reason for that. I could put a long list up here on why I love it so, but instead I want to refer you to other people who have seen the light. Literally.

My favourite Norwegian Astrid has a wonderful series on her blog called Why Do You Shoot Film? There are so many beautiful photos to see and more reasons to shoot film than I could come up with in a lifetime. There may even be an answer from me in there.

Astrid is a freelance writer and wonderful photographer. Her blog is a daily source of inspiration for all things aesthetically pleasing, really. Plus she gets to go on business trips eating parma ham in Italy. Honestly. What’s not to like?

For now I’ll leave you with an often used Leonard Cohen quote which in my mind fits perfectly:

There is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

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This put a big smile on my face, AK :-)
Now I’m going to listen to Cohen, stop procrastinating and get some work done.

PS: Here is your film answer: http://hei-astrid.blogspot.com/2009/10/ann-kathrin-shoots-film.html


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