Raising The (Burger) Bar

I’ve recently sold a print of one of my photos in a 60x60cm size. This gave me the opportunity to try out a new way of mounting a print instead of framing it. For this specific photo of my “Burger Bar” I wanted something non-fussy and modern looking, to bring out the colours and clean composition of the photo itself.

I chose to have it mounted on aluminium dibond with a glossy acrylic seal on top of it. This type of mount makes the print really light and thus easier to hang, especially at this size. The acrylic seal is a protective acrylic coating in front of the print. You could even wipe the print with this type of coating on it!

As for the hanging I chose an aluminium subframe. It’s so light it hardly adds any weight but gives you lots of versatility on how to hang it. When I received the finished product I was so happy with it I had a really hard time letting him go. Knowing that he found a nice home now made parting a little easier.

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oh i lke this very much. i’m having a print hung on mount board to be propped up on a high shelf above my bed (i figured any kind of glass frame might result in broken bones at the very least should it slip) but i didn’t know about aluminium dibond… hmn…


Give me a shout if you need any suggestions! :)


That’s very exciting – it looks pretty fabulous. Square format always looks amazing anyhow, but I like the modern look you’ve got going with this. Nice.


It really, really good!

For the record, I’m eating a burger as I type…


Oh. Btw, I meat to say that it *looks* really, really great. The burger distracted me. Sorry.


Thanks, Skye!
I’ve had some photos mounted on the dibond before and really liked the look without any frame. This photo seemed be a perfect fit for that sort of look and I have to say I really liked it when it was done.

Astrid – you made me laugh and then feel hungry. I really wish I had a burger now! But thank you anyway. :)


Amazingly good-looking, Ann. I’ve been looking to do some large printing as well, but didn’t know about this framing method. Thanks for the tips!


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