Only 55 hours left until the Oscar’s start. I’ve been busy in the last few weeks to update my viewing list. Here’s a recap of the films I’ve seen in the meantime:


  • How to Train your Dragon – I liked it. I really did. The dragon is cute, not too much else happening, a good, solid, animated film.
  • Hereafter – Clint Eastwood’s newest is different than all his other ones. 4 weeks after watching it I am still not sure if I like it or not. I’d give it a “meh”.
  • The King’s Speech – I got nothing. This film is incredible in every way and that is all there is to it. If I could I’d marry this film.
  • Black Swan – I was excited to see this as I love Natalie Portman and have spent 17 years of my life in the ballet world. It was good. But not incredible.
  • The Fighter – What a cracker! Think The Wrestler, but better. Christian Bale blew this one out of the water, amazing performance.
  • Exit through the Gift Shop – Ace documentary. Funny, brilliant, clever and crazy. Makes me want to be more adventurous.
  • Gasland – Shockingly good documentary. It’s like a film version of This American Life, narrated by someone affected by the issue himself.
  • Inside Job – Another great documentary. Made me furious and left me feeling helpless. Am now going to buy gold and stash it in my mattress.
  • 127 Hours – A truly great Danny Boyle film. I loved the pace and editing of the title sequence, best one this year! Really stunning performance by James Franco.
  • True Grit – I was prepared for a somewhat difficult Coen brothers Western (fell asleep during No Country For Old Men). Instead I got a funny, entertaining Western. And I don’t even like Western!
  • Winter’s Bone – I still shudder thinking about this film. There is not a single second in it that will make you feel good. No one ever smiles. But at the same time it is a great, great piece of film making on all levels. I’m a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence’s performance.


In a few hours my good friend and partner in watching-too-many-movies-crime Janina will come over and we’ll finish this marathon by watching Another Year, Animal Kingdom and some animated shorts. Then I have Unstoppable to watch tomorrow and we are all set for Sunday night! I got my favourite wine, some popcorn and monthly supply of espresso to help us through the night. I am ready.


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sadly i’ve only seen one of those – how to train your dragon – but liked it too. the dragon is so cat-like, i thought, in an ‘i will be your pet’ cat-like way.


Yes! Absolutely like a cat. A friendly cat.
I watched Mike Leigh’s Another Year yesterday, have you seen that?


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