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It’s Friday night and instead of writing lots of words about nothing important I thought I’d just write a few words about nothing important that doesn’t even have a common theme and then call it a “weekly feature”. I took special care choosing a great title for my weekly theme since it will come back regularly.

Here’s my things of the week:

– Through my friend Stephanie I found out that Jeff Bridges takes incredible photographs. Once I started I could not stop looking at his galleries. The rest of the website is also quite nice.

– I went to see a homoeopathic doctor as a last resort to get rid of a back pain I’ve had for the past 3 years. She stuck about 10 “permanent” acupuncture needles in me, really short and tiny ones secured with a piece of tape. I have been pain free ever since. The needles can be taken out after a few days.

– This doctor also gave me a new diet plan to stick to which includes not having any sugar. Not a giant surprise that having sugar may be bad for you. In order to still get my sweet fix I am making fresh apple sauce like there is no tomorrow. This stuff is like crack, everyone. I cannot believe how much better it tastes than any kind of store bought product.

– Here’s my advice of the week: If you go to a very, very dark aquarium and have a variety of cameras to choose from, do not take the manual film camera with you. Out of 18 photos 2 turned out good. The rest? Did not.

Enjoy your weekends!


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Excellent title, I think.

I still can’t stop looking at Jeff Bridges photos. It brings my love for him to a whole new level.

Also, yay for pain-free back! Acupuncture has been the only thing I’ve found to help with pain.

Also, at least your two good shots are outstanding! I would like those jellyfish printed large on a wall in, say, my new apartment!

(I like this new feature of yours.)


i like your things.

also. i count three good photos. that is all.


Thanks, all!

I am very happy to see that you too are fans of things.


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