Juliette & Madeleine

These two live in North Wales, so close to the beach that you can smell it from their garden and see it from their kitchen window. One of them has a doorbell on her bedroom door and the other one a smile reminiscent of Count Dracula.

Both have stolen a little corner of my heart, a corner that is cushioned with plushy pink fur and where you get hugs before bedtime, a chance to sit on someone’s lap and pudding after dinner.

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I absolutely love these Ann, I bet Mum and Dad are thrilled to bits with them. My favourite is the one of Mum putting on the socks, something I have to do every day. Such lovely memories.


Thanks Jo! It was good to see Jules insisted to be barefoot on the beach – despite freezing temperatures. If you live by the sea you need to be a brave soul.


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