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The first time I went to the IMAX cinema it was like stepping into a different world. A world of understanding and common respect. We went to see a double feature of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight – probably influencing the experience that followed by this choice of films. The first thing I noticed was the range of snacks. I have a little check list for cinema visits and if the snacks are good the rating will favourable. Because let’s be honest – you got to have a snack at the cinema. The snacks at the IMAX are good, better than your average boring choice at every other place. As we settled down in a sold out cinema Marco leaned over and whispered:

“You know there are only 4 women in this entire room, including you?”

I looked over my shoulder to check and found that, whilst not entirely true, it was shockingly close. The light of the screen was reflected in a thousand spectacles that rested on the faces of almost entirely male cinema-goers. Every female reader will know immediately why this is a good thing. A mostly male audience means no waiting for the loo. And in this case it meant a dead silent theatre. In between massive explosions soming from the speakers you could hear a pin drop. And that is exactly my kind of cinema audience.

Last week we went to see Harry Potter and whilst there was definitely a rise in the amount of female visitors it was still a very pleasant way to watch a hyped-up film like this. If you have an IMAX theatre near you I can only recommend you give it a try.

Other than Harry Potter I have watched these films lately:


  • Shutter Island – I’ve heard only good things about this film from everyone who had seen it. And it didn’t disappoint. Great suspension with a big twist and a kooky edge to it all. Also, strange but well executed role for Mark Ruffalo, who knew!
  • Source Code – I loved the trailer and was quite excited to see this one. Afterwards I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. It was still a 7 out of 10, but somehow I expected more from that storyline. I do like Jake Gyllenhall, though, so it’s all good.
  • After years I finally managed to persuade Marco to watch Lost. I watched it all as it was aired throughout the years and have missed it a lot ever since. Watching it all over again is almost as good as watching it for the first time. Still confusing and still hungry for more details. I am having a very hard time not blurting out with what I know whenever something happens but Marco would kill me if I did. So we’ve established a communication ban when we watch an episode, it’s the only way to stop me from even just grinning knowingly. I guess we’ll just have to watch it all again together so we can finally talk about it!
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Shutter Island habe ich vor zwei Wochen erst gesehen. Der Film war klasse, super spannend und empfehlenswert.


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