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Swan Castle

After my brother’s wedding we went on to the Bavarian lakes for a few days. Looking at the map before driving down I couldn’t help but notice that we were…

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Johanna & Neil

Jo and Neil have it all. They live in a beautiful cottage in the Cotswolds, have a cat named Lars (after Danish director Lars von Trier) and the same last…

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Natalie & Kevin

Natalie and Kevin are busy people. They run their own business and time to unwind and enjoy themselves is a luxury these days.

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Johanna & Ralph, A Wedding In Ludwigslust

Johanna and Ralph are the kind of people you cannot help but like. They were my first clients this year who booked me for the special Hasselblad portrait option.

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Marion & Michael, a Bavarian Wedding

Last October my brother sat in my kitchen, drinking beer and telling me all about their planned holiday trip.

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Good things Can Come Cheap

Buying a new lens is like Christmas and my birthday fell onto the same day.

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