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You know the kind of day where everything appears to happen all at once? It starts with an empty shower gel bottle which means you’ll have to use your £18 hair shampoo instead. Then you drop the tin of ground espresso just after opening it, spilling the contents everywhere including the half open drawer with cutlery in it. Your attempt to clean the mess up results in a puddle of water on the floor when you turned the tab on with too much enthusiasm. And you promptly step in that puddle and end up with one wet sock. The rest of the day is a blur of taxes, emails that demand immediate attention, a phone that won’t stop ringing and a to-do list so long there is no more room on the paper to actually check things off it. And when you look up a little later you realise it is just getting dark and sitting around in your running gear since 8 am did not result in a nice mid-morning run after breakfast but instead in just that, you sitting around in your running gear since 8 am. And now it’s dark.

In an effort to cheer myself up I would like to share with you all the good things that have happened to me lately.

  •  The fabulous Lou from Whimsical Wonderland Wedding was so kind to feature Jo and Neil’s wedding on her blog – hooray!
  • Last week I went to see MI 4 in the old IMAX cinema, now called Giant Screen. The film was fab. The cinema has switched to a digital projector which makes me somewhat sad but the screen was still, well, giant.
  • We have discovered and immediately gotten addicted to a new show. Homeland. I love it so much I catch myself thinking about at random times during the day. Whilst staring out the window, wondering when it is finally time to watch more.
  • My favourite thing about Christmas and birthday time: getting lots of new books. It’s just finding the time to read them that’s the problem.

In case your day was similar to mine and your need of being cheered-up has not been completely demolished by the above list, do not fret!
My mum put together a photo book for my dad for Christmas, consisting of photos of their skiing holidays in the past 30 years. When I say “put together” I mean she handed me a whole lot of photos and I put them together. Which is how I ended up being able to show you my extremely advanced skiing chops, already well developed at the age of 5 (left). I may or may not have taken my brother as an example (right). Enjoy!



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Is that the same woollen hat as in your recent portrait at the top of the blog? It’s lasted well hasn’t it!


Yes, of course. It was THE outfit to wear that year. Clearly.


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