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Linda + Felix, A Wedding at Lichtwerkstudio


Linda and Felix met playing hockey. All that I can say is thank God they played hockey because if these two had not met the earth would probably stop turning. They simply fit. Each and every single thing about them, their families, their friends. They are perfect for each other. And on a freezing cold...


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Emily + Daniel, A Wedding in Dublin


The first time Daniel wrote to me he kept it rather casual. Apparently he stumbled across my website whilst looking for a letterpress printer (my business cards are letterpress printed, you see), liked what he saw and simply wanted to let me know that he really liked my photos. He had seen lots of wedding...


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Shiny and Bright


It was a Wednesday evening and Marco and I had our regular director’s meeting* in the pub. “So you think we should re-do the entire website?” “Yes.” “With a new logo, bigger pictures, new words and everything?” “Yes.” “Sure. Why not!” A few pints of ale, some more weeks and one very useful inhouse branding...


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Wanlyn & Thibaut


“Dear Ann I am from Singapore and my fiancée is from France. We used to study in Technische Universität München, and hence would like to return to our school for some pre-wedding photography.” That’s how it started, an email from Wanlyn in early March. It took a Skype call filled with lots of laughter and...


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Wanlyn & Thibaut – Preview


  It was an beautiful summer day when these two dragged me all across Munich to take a whole truckload of fantastic portraits. I can’t wait to share the rest of them. And I certainly wouldn’t mind if every shoot ends with a giant mug of beer in my hand, chatting the night away, be...


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