Shiny and Bright

It was a Wednesday evening and Marco and I had our regular director’s meeting* in the pub.

“So you think we should re-do the entire website?”
“With a new logo, bigger pictures, new words and everything?”
“Sure. Why not!”

A few pints of ale, some more weeks and one very useful inhouse branding specialist later we are finally here. With a brand new shiny website.

Go on, have a look! And then tell me what you think. I am just a little bit hugely proud of what we did there and could not be happier with the outcome. Massive thanks goes to Marco who not only did all the work in the back room but also nudged and prodded and pretty much shoved me to get my things in order so we could put this baby up.

And the most brilliant thing about is that he didn’t just “make me a website”. Oh no. He designed a completely customised wordpress theme from scratch for me, exactly how I wanted it, so I can update anything at any time. A bit like a pizza made from flour and oil and water but with CSS and html and probably some zeros and ones.

And when you’re done with looking and telling me what you’re thinking head on over to Rock My Wedding where the fab Calandre and Nick are being featured today!

If that still isn’t enough incredibly exciting news for you keep your eyes peeled for this fantastic wedding, coming to this here blog in the near future:


* It’s really just me who calls our regular trips to the pub “Director’s Meetings” and even brings paper and pen with me. Marco then rolls his eyes and I abandon all business talk rather quickly.


© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2012. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without asking me first.

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Love, love, love the new site! Fabulous x


Great job you two! It keeps the fundamentals that I liked from the previous version but brings a new touch that is really pleasant. And nice tweaks in the logo also… Congrats :)


Thanks, Thibaut! I remember you really liking the previous version when we talked about it so I’m glad this one makes the cut also. :)

Emma – thank you so much, lovely. :)


Niiiiicccce!Looks awesome! And I also “have a Marco” at home, only he´s a Thorsten instead – couldn´t do this whole WP – webthing without him :)

Congrates on your new webpage, all the best


LoVE the new site you hilarious woman!! This post made me smile from ear to ear! Yay you! x


Die neue Seite gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut. Großartige Arbeit und die Fotos sind ein Traum. Besonders begeistert mich das Logo mit dem Hahn. Eine tolle Idee.


Love your new look site, you’re very lucky having ‘a Marco’, he does fab stuff. The photos look pretty damn good too.


Toll! Aber wir sind dann wohl raus *schnüff*…


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