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We had plans. Lots of plans. And then we did what you should always do with great plans and simply abandoned them to go on a trip to the seaside. The weather forecast looked good, it was a balmy 20 degrees with sun as we left home and the giant balloon somehow fit into the car after all. Perfect!

Luckily both Lauren and Ste love the sea as much as I do so when we had to put our coats on to brave the rather stiff breeze it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Instead we breathed some salty air, had our hair whipped around our heads in all kinds of directions and dipped some toes into surprisingly warm waves.

I shot a lot of film that day and now that I got it all back from the lab I’m really happy to see that both Lolly, Ste and the raging wind in the dunes came out just the way they did. There is a reason why I love shooting film and looking at these photos it’s all there.

Shot on Kodak Portra 400, developed and scanned by The FIND lab.
Lauren RMW engagement photosLauren Rock My Wedding portraitsEnglish Seaside Portraits005_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraits007_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraitsStormy beach portraits009_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraits010_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraits011_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraits012_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraits013_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraits014_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraits015_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraits016_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraits017_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraitsEngagement Session at the English Seaside019_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraits021_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraits022_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraitsFilm portrait photography024_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraits026_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraitsLauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw028_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraitsEnglish Seaside Portrait Photographer030_annkathrinkoch_seaside_portraitsPortrait Photographer

Special things are even better when you share them with special people. Salty sea air and these two are quite high on my list of specialness. Even if it’s always cold wherever we go.



© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2012. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without asking me first.

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Ann this is lovely, I mean it obviously helps having such gorgeous ‘models’ to work with but you have captured everything so beautifully. You’ve even made what looks to be a cold and wet day into something ‘dream’ like. I love it. One day I want this too! :) xx


Amazing as ever Ann!!!!!


Just one word, stunning!


Gorgeous compositions and poses Ann, totally love your work. Top quality.


Einfach nur genial. Mehr gibt es dazu nicht zu sagen!
Magst du verraten, welchen Film du zum Fotografieren benutzt?


Wow, what a stunning stunning shoot [er, not to mention couple!]. This is really making me want to run off to the blustery seaside for chips and donuts! So pleased I came across your work, so beautiful!


Gorgeous, gorgeous work ;)


Just saw your work online at Rock my wedding and wanted to say I think this shoot is absolutely fabulous! Some truly fantastic images, so well done you. You can photograph the best looking couples in the world but it doesn’t mean you’ll get images anywhere near as strong as those achieved above – that is testament to your talent as a photographer.


good god these are incredible. seriously beautiful shots, ak.


wow. these could well be in a fashion mag.
and you’ve captured the ‘feel’ of the English seaside oh so well. Makes me miss it even more!


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