Chloe and Paul

Chloe is a girl after my own heart. When I first met her in a Birmingham pub for drinks and fishfinger sandwiches we had so much to talk about that I almost missed my train home. So when it was time to meet Paul – on a sunny wintery day in my hometown Hamburg as well – I was quite excited. And Paul didn’t disappoint.

For a few hours the three of us would point at seagulls, ride the harbour ferry and try to laugh with our mouths closed so the ice cold wind wouldn’t hurt our teeth so much. Luckily Chloe and Paul only succeeded half of the time and I was able to photograph some wide grins and full on laughs anyway. As a reward there were Fischbrötchen and hot chocolate with Amaretto. Thanks to both of you for making my last few days in Hamburg this much sweeter by saying good bye to a view like this. Can’t wait to see you and some more full on smiles next weekend, when you’ll get married. Hopefully with a less stiff breeze.

© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2013. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without asking me first.



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Love this shoot Ann, beautiful light and a couple that look so happy together, perfect!


Absolutely lovely. Cherished memories that capture the very heart and soul of Chloe and Paul. They are “one”, and evermore shall be so!!!


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