Dewsall Court Wedding


I first met Cally and Paul at Lauren and Andy‘s wedding. Cally is Lauren’s sister and being able to share a wedding day with the same family not just once but twice is pretty special. Especially if the family is this amazing. When I was greeted by a giant hug from Eileen (Cally’s mum) upon my arrival I knew it was going to be a good one.

Which is no surprise really what with Cally and Paul being incredibly ace people all around. So are their friends. And having a big group of ace people come together in a place like Dewsall Court – I sort of wanted to move in I liked it there so much – makes for a fantastic day. Those are the rules. We laughed a lot, we threw confetti, there was rum punch and Cally and Paul sported massive grins all day long. Oh and that cake? Lauren made that herself. As I left later that night I watched twinkling tealights and cheerful people disappear slowly in my rear view mirror. And I was yet again reminded of how good it is to see a family grow bigger and bigger. It’s a beautiful thing.

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