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The golden sun shines down onto the clear surface of the lake, reflecting off the water and rocks nearby. It’s 7 in the evening and still hot, as it should be on a summer’s day. Anwen and Myrddin make their way across the high grass. Laughter rings out as Anwen wobbles across another hidden hole in the ground. Once they reach the shore all goes quiet. They silently embrace and take it all in – the lake like a mirror, the high grass rippling like the sea, the tall mountains in the hazy distance. All of it looks majestic in the warm glow of the evening sun and the two of them cuddle up a little closer. I’m so happy we chose this spot for our shoot. It’s a beautiful drive from where I live and even closer to Anwen and Myrddin. We chat about their upcoming wedding, being Welsh in Wales and the necessity of having wellies in your boot at all times as we chuckle our way up the hill again. Two of us may or may not be just a little bit clumsy. What an incredible place this is, just two hours of scrambling up and down the rocks make me feel as rested as after a week at a spa. The drive home was a little darker once the sun set but my smile made up for it in brightness.

All shot on Fuji 400H, developed and scanned oh-so-deliciously by Richard Photo Lab.

002_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits Snowdonia, Wales portrait shoot with tall green grass at sunset 004_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits 005_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits 006_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits 007_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits A girl in the mountains of Snowdonia with a lake in the background 009_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits A couple portrait with a view of Snowdonia mountains 011_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits 012_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits Anwen and Myrddin embracing during sunset with Mount Snowden behind them 014_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits A couple portrait session in Snowdonia, Wales 016_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits Best portrait photographer Snowdonia Wales 018_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits 019_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits Amazing couple portrait photography Snowdonia 021_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits 022_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits 023_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits 024_annkathrinkoch_snowdonia_portraits

© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2014. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without asking me first.


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Fantastic shots! The images look great in this larger size too.


Beautiful! Film was made for this light x


Stunning! What a breathtakingly beautiful place.


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