Brighton Portrait Shoot


Take a gale force wind, bright sunshine reflected on raging waves, pink candyfloss and 99ers and you’ll end up with red noses, tears streaming from your eyes and your cockles thoroughly warmed. Catherine and Vic are getting married in just a few weeks time and I’m so glad we got to hang out for a very windy evening at the Brighton seafront. Plans were made and much laughter and slow motion running on a pebbled beach ensued.

All shot on Fuji 400H and Portra 400, developed and scanned by Carmencita Lab.

annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_001 annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_002 Brighton Pier Portrait shoot on the Brighton pier annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_005 Candyfloss in Brighton A couple on the Brighton pier annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_008 annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_009 annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_010 Portraits in Brighton annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_012 annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_013 Brighton wheel annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_015 A couple portrait shoot on Brighton beach annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_017 Portrait photography Brighton annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_019 annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_020 annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_021 annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_022 annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_023 annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_024 annkathrinkoch_portraits_brighton_025

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